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Membership to The Fintech Virtual Lunch includes access to a private network of career professionals from across the financial services ecosystem.

Our core objective of our meetings is expanding relationships to identify career opportunities, new business partnerships and learn new tools.

Value Proposition


·      Meet senior business executive from across banking, technology, fintech, VC’s & more

·      Identify new career opportunities and learn who is hiring before positions are posted

·      Exchange ideas on new business leads and opportunities

·      Build connections with key industry influencers in a relaxed setting

·      Learn about events hosted by the Virtual Lunch including in-person & hybrid events

·      Learn how to host your own Virtual Lunch with full support from The Walker Group


Find a plan that fits your individual or corporate needs

  • Complimentary Member

    New Entrants & Early Stage Startups
    Valid for one year
    • Monthly Meeting
    • Newsletter Subscription
  • Individual Members

    Every month
    Solopreneurs & Senior Executives
    • Monthly Meetings
    • Exclusive Meetings
    • Newsletter Subscription
    • Blog Subscription
    • Live Chat & Forums
    • Employment Opportunities
    • Exclusive Digital Content
  • Corporate Members

    Every month
    Engaging Enterprises
    • Unlimited Meetings
    • Executive Access
    • Promoted in Newsletter
    • Blog Page Promotion
    • Featured in Forums
    • Vetted Opportunities
    • Partner Page Promotion

From the first day of your membership, you will have access to many rewarding opportunities.


Exclusive Access to Podcasts


Access to weekly podcasts provides access to content from senior influencers from around the world. Whether you are seeking to build global connections or not this content is the first step in building and maintaining a strong professional network.


Become a Host at an Upcoming Virtual Lunch


Hosting a future Virtual Lunch, to connect with executives from across your network, with the guidance of The Walker Group will build and strengthen your relationships


Learn Who is Hiring


For the last decade The Walker Group helped scores of executives land new career opportunities. Build new contacts with hiring managers, recruiters, and senior executive. Access to members of The Virtual Lunch can help you identify opportunities before they are posted.

Register for Meetings

Our key objective is to provide a forum for fintech executives to build relationships on. Register for our next fintech virtual lunch online meeting.


Start a Local Charter

We've found that by helping others find their potential and achieve success has provided us with, what we like to call, a return on innovation.

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