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Virtual Fintech Group Launches Membership Portal

Bruce Burke

Jun 24, 2022

A New York City-based bank advisory, The Walker Group, has announced the official launch of The Fintech Virtual Lunch (TFVL), a financial-technology community initiative, started by the group, during the pandemic.

A New York City-based bank advisory, The Walker Group, has announced the official launch of The Fintech Virtual Lunch (TFVL), a financial-technology community initiative, started by the group, during the pandemic.

The Fintech Virtual Lunch online group was announced today, with the unveiling of a web-based platform, which will support the group’s efforts with integrated member, group, and meeting services. This new forward-thinking group is focused on the future of the financial services industry, and those participating in it.

TFVL is an independent, member-driven association that draws its participants from across the spectrum of banking, and the wider financial services industry. The group is focused on fostering an open, inclusive, and diverse fintech community, to power further development of those individuals participating in the industry.

Wayne Brown, CEO of The Walker Group, is the catalyst behind the formation of the virtual lunch group. Mr. Brown has served as a trusted advisor to the global banking community for the past decade. “During the pandemic I saw many senior banking executives, and startups in the fintech space who had been displaced, and were seeking opportunities to support their families,” said Mr. Brown.

“They were looking to connect, many felt unmoored for the first time in their careers, and everyone wanted to stay top of mind with their peers in the industry. I formed the virtual lunch group, due to its obvious necessity,” said CEO Brown.

“I’d like it to become a large organization,” says the CEO. “But we are intentionally keeping the group meetings small so that everyone attending has the opportunity to introduce themselves and participate in a meaningful way.” This individual personalization has naturally resulted in a demand for more meetings, as the word has begun to spread about the virtual lunch group.

“We are actively seeking leaders involved in the financial services industry, who would like to start a TFVL charter meeting group,” Wayne Brown shared. “To help us serve and grow this burgeoning community of diverse professionals.”

The organizations new web portal provides the group with the services necessary to build a thriving online fintech community. Organizers can now schedule meetings, create online registrations, and interact directly with members. Interested parties may register for individual or corporate memberships to the global group. Members will participate in exclusive live discussions via the portal’s dynamic forum groups and integrated live membership chat servers.

This new group reflects the industry’s entrepreneurial character. By uniting the diverse elements of the fintech industry, including financial institutions, startups, academia, government, investors, corporates, and accelerators, the organization will further strengthen The Fintech Virtual Lunch community. The group empowers their members by connecting them with others, around the globe, who are innovating and disrupting the financial services landscape.

Leaders will bring together interested parties from across our network and beyond to facilitate, mentor and innovate on their focus areas. Through their activity, the fintech virtual lunch will create a bigger, more interconnected ecosystem to benefit the greater fintech community. “When you consider all that’s happening in the financial technology corridor right now, there has never been a greater period of growth and change,” reports Brown.

“The fintech industry needs its senior leaders, and early-entrants to help navigate as we cross the threshold into a new world, full of possibilities in the financial services industry.”

About The Fintech Virtual Lunch

The Fintech Virtual Lunch is the new meeting place for both senior executives, and early-stage startups serving the financial technology (fintech) industry. We are a professional group of accomplished individuals, and companies collaborating to create a better tomorrow. We are focused on the future of financial services, and we encourage our members to become leaders in the space. Please join our membership organization today.

We are an all-inclusive organization that rejects any discrimination whatsoever, and advocates inclusion regardless of social origin, country, race, or nationality. We empower our members growth by connecting them with those creating this innovative disruption.

About The Walker Group

For the last decade, The Walker Group has focused its advisory practice on collaboration with banks and fintech companies to identify opportunities for process improvements, the development of new products and/or the identification of new partners.

Banks are also looking to identify the right technologies and fintech partners to take them into the future of banking. Wayne Brown is constantly meeting with, vetting, and then working with fintech CEOs. He has a successful track record in introducing start-ups to key decision makers in the financial services community.

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