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The Importance of Building a Community

Updated: Jul 7, 2022


From the Latin word meaning "joint possession or use" this word evokes a simple idea. No matter how different they may be, people who have shared goals and interests are better off together than apart. For example, consider Apple. What they've built has surpassed a company or even an idea. They have created a group of customers and employees, yes, people, who are passionate about their products. And the result is one of the biggest, most successful companies of all time. So, as you can see, communities are powerful forces.

What Are We Building?

Could you imagine being in a room with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Jeff Bezos? That's quite the meeting isn't it! On a smaller scale, imagine being in a room with some of the best minds in Fintech. That is what The Fintech Virtual Lunch, founded by The Walker Group, is building.

The individuals who comprise a specific community are the undisputed key to success of that community. That is no different in the Fintech space. This field is full of incredible minds from all walks of life. Imagine if you could take the best of these minds and put them all together. Their experience, unique perspectives, and ideas all being shared. Sounds amazing, right? Well, the next question would be where will these people meet? After all, Fintech is a global industry, so meeting together could present challenges. Then, after they've met, what is the most efficient way for them to continue the conversation, build a connection, and potentially collaborate?

These are the problems The Fintech Virtual Lunch solves. Not only does it provide a virtual meeting place for Fintech executives, but by creating a free account, members will have access to direct messaging with other members.

Picture the scenario. You just attended a virtual lunch meeting, and you heard an interesting idea on a new business venture. How will you reach out to continue the conversation and ultimately make something happen? Of course, LinkedIn or email are powerful tools, but you already have so many other interests being handled on those platforms. Through The Fintech Virtual Lunch community, you will have access to a suite of specific tools that are solutions to all of your Fintech questions and needs.

Join In Today!

What are the ways you can connect? The number one way is to sign up for a complimentary account on this website, register for an upcoming event, and attend a meeting. These meetings are the building blocks of this community.

Also, see the links below to join our Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. Here you will get updated about upcoming events and ways to engage with the community.

Mentioned at the outset, communities are powerful. In order for Fintech to continue to grow and expand, we must come together and take advantage of our shared interests and goals. There is no better place to do that than The Fintech Virtual Lunch!

We'd Love to Hear From You

We've established that what's going to make this community work is you and your passion for Fintech. So we'd love to hear your feedback. What are your thoughts on this growing community? Do you have any suggestions that you think will lead to more success? Leave your comments below, or feel free to engage with us on any of the other platforms.

Thank You!

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